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Apple Unlimited, Inc was formed in response to a demand for a more effective and personal results-driven marketing approach.  Apple Unlimited Inc.’s professional marketing teams set up promotional events throughout the Greater Hampton Roads area to promote our clients’ services, concepts, and products.  There doesn’t exist a medium that can be more exciting, authoritative, and commanding than that of a personalized message delivered on a one-on-one basis.  More importantly, pure and simple, it works.  Using our direct advertising methods and our relationships with major retail stores, we have consistently achieved dramatic results for clients, both large and small, throughout many industries.

Our event based approach allows professional representatives to take public relations to the grassroots level.  However, it is our method for success that distinguishes us from your common marketing scheme.  Through a direct approach, along with motivated individuals on their own personal path to success, we create an environment that inspires growth.  Numerous businesses have taken advantage of the opportunities we present, which has resulted in up to 75% consumer expansion.  With four simple marketing systems, which can be applied from production to distribution to management, we offer an exclusive approach that is driven by customer satisfaction and personal excellence.  These combined factors not only offer distinction in quality and service, but also shape a profitable future for these multi-million dollar businesses.

By getting involved in the auto care industry we have branched off into many directions with our services. RGS Labs created the FW1 Waterless Formulation to meet a need in the racing world.  Years ago, soap and water were used in the pit areas of the race track to keep the cars clean and the sponsors happy.  Excess soap and water in this environment was found to get on the tires of vehicles and cause the drivers to lose traction.  FW1 was designed to solve that problem.  To give the public a chance to share in the same technology, we set up promotional demonstration teams to market the product.

We have also branched out into the chip repair world, where we can actually provide chip repair to the public at no cost to them.  It helps to not only save the insurance companies money, but the consumer itself.  The insurance companies are excited that we are saving them millions of dollars by repairing chips that have the potential to grow into cracks, which then would cause the need for full windshield replacement.  This alliance allows our client to reach customers face-to-face and offer its top quality services directly to the customer.  This unique, direct, personalized marketing and sales approach (combined with the convenient, superior mobile on-the-spot repair services) makes our client more than just a jingle on the radio, or an ad on TV. This new direction of the business has grown rapidly in only a short amount of time and we are excited about future growth opportunities within it.

Another strategy Apple Unlimited has found effective is taking our event marketing approach into the nation’s leading members-only warehouse stores and large electronic retail stores to better promote our client’s products and services.  We have proven we can increase the customer base of the largest United States satellite service provider by effectively exposing their service by using our partnership with the large electronic retail stores.  Give our professional representatives a chance to interact with a qualified customer in a comfortable environment, and we will ultimately bring results that our clients’ expect.  Now that these doors have opened, we have created a demand for our service to our clients more than ever.

Apple Unlimited, Inc. thrives in our industry because of a simple system of determination and organization.  Combining this system with recognized national organizations, satellite service, and automotive performance products-we offer multiple solutions that work for each party involved.  We are experiencing rapid growth and have developed an effective hands on training structure to aid in teaching and developing new personnel.  Many members of our marketing team have taken advantage of the industry’s tremendous growth and have advance rapidly into management and supervisory positions.  We provide the opportunity for advancement to any individual willing to learn and determined to achieve success.

Apple Unlimited, Inc training includes:

  • Creative event styles
  • Public Relations
  • Expert client management
  • Team leadership
  • Reliable and accountable supervision of events

Traditional advertising shows consumers “who & what” while teaching the “how & why.”  It is important for the consumer to fully understand the benefits and services of how a product performs.  We stimulate this participation by providing non-intrusive channels where they can explore, experience, and discuss the need to be met.

Our Values and Beliefs

PEOPLE: At Apple Unlimited Inc., we are committed to helping others build essential skills for life.  At the heart of our business is the fundamental belief that in order to be truly successful, we must first help others to succeed.

PROGRAMS: An important key to Apple Unlimited’s growth is the strength of our mentoring program. By taking advantage of our training and opportunities for professional development, one will build personal and professional skills that will last a lifetime.


Apple Unlimited, Inc.’s road to success begins with training.  Professors and business leaders throughout North America recognize our mentoring program as both highly effective and innovative.  Specifically designed for individuals who have little or no business experience, the initial training can take from five to seven days.  Training will be paid and will continue everyday that you work with Apple Unlimited.  Through our success-driven approach individuals can expect to get hands on training from the moment they step foot in AUI.  We pride ourselves in providing an opportunity for people to achieve success by having the right example to follow. We have seen tremendous results through our leadership approach.  When you begin a division, you are mentored right from the start with your own personal coach.  They will not only set the right example for you to follow, but will also guide you through various networking channels throughout our world-wide company.  We have a sense of team built within our organization that provides a solidity that has proven to achieve maximum results.


We are looking for team players, creative thinkers and self starters who are goal and detail-oriented and have an affinity for working with people.  Most openings require no experience and are considered entry level.


Opportunities are limited to candidates who are driven for advancement and can thrive in a high energy, enthusiastic work environment. This is a perfect opportunity for someone trying to get their “foot-in-the-door” in the marketing field.

Our Industry is growing rapidly, and we are looking forward to expanding coast to coast throughout the year. We are searching for people with an above average attitude for an above average opportunity.

We also want people who are motivated by 100% promotion from within. The average time for a person to graduate our mentoring program is five to nine months.


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